XA2 4G connectivity

I am using a Sony XA2 and ever since the 4G connectivity was really bad, it connects to 2G directly but doesn’t seem to pick up 4G for most of the time. If it connects it works just as expected but once it loses it it won’t reconnect for no apparant reason.
I tried different devices (also an XA2 plus) and it showed the same effect.

I am on Vodafone in Germany and overall the net is rather bad in my flat, but if I compare it to my wifes X10 or my Xperia X they connect to 4G just fine so I wonder if anybody has any hints for me what I could try?

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I used tje X, XA2 abd 10 III with Vodafone Germany for years. No issues so far. Is the problem an issue at home?

It happens at home but also on the go. When it connects to 4G it’s just fine but most of the time it just picks up 2G and that’s it. Even if there is proper 4G coverage.

Are you sure it’s set to “Prefer 4G” and choose the network automatically?
IIRC Roaming can also be important to allow, even inside your own country.

Otherwise you can disable automatic network selection and try various networks manually. If one of them is significantly better than the one the phone chooses automatically, you could use that at home. Maybe Situations can automate that.

No issue for me on a XA2+ Vodafone Germany as first SIM, Congstar / Deutsche Telekom as second SIM.
Actually I use Situations to switch to 2G if screen is off or WiFi is on. Situations only activates 4G when turning the screen on, if I’m not connected to WiFi. This works for years.