XA2 -> 10 i. Worth the upgrade?


I’ve found a good offer on a used Xperia 10 i and someone willing to pay a good price for my Xperia XA2.

If I buy the 10 i and sell my XA2 it’ll cost me about 30-40€ ex. license.

Would it be worth the upgrade?

(Not entirely sure what you mean with the “i” designator)
But basically no. Aren’t they roughly the same specs?
The 10 is also pretty fragile, it bends and gets ghost touch issues. The form factor is pretty weird, but having a few more covers in the multitasking view is nice though.

The “I” in “10 i” was to clarify that I meant the 1st gen as the 2nd gen is called “10 ii” but thanks for your feedback.

They (10 vs xa2) have the exact same cpu and amount of RAM, however the 10 has double the storage and fewer pixel in it’s camera.

I think I’ll stick to my XA2.

Except for the form factor, the differences are minor. I’m using both in parallel and cannot say which one i prefer. Battery and the dedicated camera trigger button are a plus of the XA2. Build and screen quality also appear to be better. The 10 i has more memory and I like the form factor …

If I would be in your position, I would stick with the XA2

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If battery and speed (under Android) are of no concern, you could switch if the form factor and the looks are important to you. The XA2 is kinda heavy and bulky but I hated the battery on the 10 (and also on the 10 Plus). Clash Royale also didn’t run as well as it did on the XA2.

I’m sticking to my XA2 as I value I good battery life. Also for my to upgrade I should at least get 5G and only the 10 ii supports 5G.