X10 II running insists to 'update' to

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A bit over a week so ago I’ve updated my X10 II to ‘Verla’ using the sfos-upgrade scripts, however it might have botched the update a bit (it finished way too quickly and it looks like the majority of the packages weren’t updated) so I resorted to the good old ssu re && version --dup which, together with pkcon update seemed to do the trick.

ssu re now returns Device release is currently: and the same version is shown in Settings / About product. I was even able to install ‘Predictive text input’ which ought to be available only with Verla so all good on that end. I did see some ‘Store error’ notifications over the past days but I think they are caused by the issue that have been bugging me.

Namely, ever since I’d get a notification that (Kvarken) update is available. Refreshing / checking for updates in Settings / Sailfish OS updates says the same. The only way to kill the notification is to kill the store-client process and clearing /user/defaultuser/.cache/sailfish-osupdateservice/os-info but it comes back after a while / restart and I have to do the same dance. More so, I’m concerned that the misdetection of OS version might screw up package management or updateability down the line.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Out of curiosity: What about allowing the phone to do the ‘update’ to and see what happens? Maybe then will be something repaired that went wrong at the first botched update attempt.

Tried it, that’s what results in the ‘Store error’ I mentioned above, saying that it cannot determine the size of the update :man_shrugging:

Maybe the Jolla account on the phone is broken. It’s worth a try to delete it in ‘settings - accounts’, then reboot the phone, then create the Jolla account new with your credentials. Then retry to update.

I would suggest to read following site
head to step 4 and check…

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