X VPN on Sailfish X

Not sure if this is the right place for posting this. I just started using Sailfish OS (X) again after a hiatus of a number of years, and their seems to have been a refocus towards corporate customers rather than an average end user like myself. I would like to get Mullvad VPN (my current VPN provider) working with the SFOS 4.2. I realize that there are many other users using a different VPN, which is why my subject header is “X VPN”. What do I need to do to get Mullvad working?

Probably just use OpenVPN option in VPN configuration and then provide all needed infos.

Or import ovpn file with your configuration if you have one.


This, and read your credentials from a file

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Wow. I have been futzing around on a Nexus 7 trying to get the VPN to work for ages, and was filled with a certain degree of trepidation, reading that I would have to do the same with Sailfish X. However, the process was extremely simple with the Sailfish VPN and an ovpn file. Thanks.