(WTS) Xperia 10 II, very good condition, low price

I have Xperia 10 II to sell. Very good condition, comes of course with preinstalled sailfish. Would someone be intrested? If so, I would post pictures. 150$ + shipping costs.

Licensed or unlicensed version, and if the former on an account that you can transfer to new owner or not?

If this was up to me I would transfer full licence to the new owner unfortunetly AFAIK Jolla doesnt allow it so the device would come with unlicensed version

It would be nice to know where are you shipping from

Sorry did not explain it very well, in that I meant that you are happy to liaise with Jolla support for de-registration of its IMEI from your account; enabling new owner to purchase and apply license should they so wish.

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Im shipping from poland

And of course I would contact Jolla for de-registration of IMEI. I would do everything the new owner would like. I will contact Jolla zendesk to earse the imei, reset the device, install sfos, android, whatever you like.

I will post some pictures tomorrow.

Device comes with original box, no charger included

My initial will was to check if someone was instrested but I see there is some intrest :slight_smile:

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What is this deregistration you’re speaking of, if there is need for such? Never heard of that.

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The device I want to sell had paid sfos licence, therefore it’s imei is stored by jolla to recognize that device. If you try to register it with another sfos licence it may cause problems cause it’s already in database. Anyway, anyhow if someone want’s to buy it I will help with all such issues.

Sorry for late upload, There are some pictures
So offer still stands 150$ (Negotiation is possible) + Shipping costs (Shipping from Poland)

I though there is some intrest but now I see it’s gone. Anyway I will post this on polish allegro, but before someone would buy, my offer here still stands :slight_smile:

Quote: If you try to register it with another sfos licence it may cause problems cause it’s already in database.

No it doesn’t. The buyer can buy a new paid licence or subscribe a free licence and it will work. No deregistration necessary. Also the seller can give the account credentials to the buyer, if the phone is the only one registered to this Jolla account. In this case the seller has to register a new Jolla account if he buys a new phone and wants to install SFOS again.

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Device is no longer available