"Wrong code" error constantly (Finecobank Android app)

I realize this might be hard to debug, but maybe someone has seen something similar or has a good idea.

I am trying to complete a registration using the Finecobank Android app on an Xperia 10 II running Sailfish X 4.3. (For those who are familiar with the app, it’s the process to enable the “mobile code” 2FA.)

The process is a fairly standard registration process where they verify your mobile number by sending you an SMS with an 8-digit OTP and then asking you to re-enter the OTP in the app. However, I have tried several times already (with different OTPs as well), and the app constantly complains that the code I enter is wrong.

At this point I am suspecting that there might be something wrong with the numeric keyboard; for instance it adds a spurious CR/LF character at the end?

Any ideas as to what could have gone wrong? The app has various functionalities that can be used even without completing that registration, and seems to work well apart from this bug.

Unfortunately I don’t have around a Bluetooth keyboard to try as an alternative input method (I do have an USB one but I don’t think it would work if I plug it in the phone).

Is it a timing problem? If your phone clock is wrong, or your Daylight Saving (if applicable ) is set wrong, then the server might think OTP code has already expired and is therefore invalid.

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I have downloaded an Android clock app to double check, but the time, date and timezone seem to be correct. Thanks for the suggestion though, that was a reasonable thing to check.