WPA3 router access on 3.4

Some routers now offer the possibility to set wifi passwords to a higher security level i.e. from WPA2 to WPA2+WPA3 or WPA3 e.g. Fritzbox.

I already experienced some problems with older smartphone / tablet hardware without latest updates running on OSes other than Sailfish (e.g. iOS), i.e. no WPA2 access possible anymore after security level had been set to WPA3 or even WPA2+WPA3. Only latest OS up dates seem to allow this.

Can anyone tell me if Sailfish 3.4. allows wifi access to routers when password security of the router has been set to WPA2+WPA3 or WPA3?

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For me, WPA2+WP3 worked fine.

Besides OS configuration capabilities, you need to have support for WPA3 in the wireless radio driver of your phone. So you won’t get WPA3 with an OS update if your hardware does not allow it anyway.

But you are talking of compatibility with WPA2+WPA3, and this could be a NetworkManager feature and thus be OS dependent.