Workout application

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for a native app for my workout sessions.
There was some apps like Maksimit, Gym Logbook, etc. But these are no more available, or totally buggy since their last updates.
Does anyone know any application they could recommend, or some project in progress ?

Did you check out kuri at open repos?

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You could try Gibrievida on Openrepos

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Maybe it’s not typical workout app but it’s my favorite sport tracker for sailfishos

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@eson Kuri is running-oriented only, so unfortunately not relevant for me.
@atlochowski Same as Kuri, it is running-oriented only.
@cnlpete I didn’t know this one, but unfortunately, it’s seems to be too old, because I’m unable to install it from Storeman (there is no Install entry on the pull-down menu, after enabling the depository…)

It seems to be open source GitHub - Huessenbergnetz/Gibrievida: Gibrievida is an activity tracker for Sailfish OS. so someone can probably recompile aarch64 version for you (try asking in this thread if memory serves right Apps that haven't been ported to aarch64)

Probably because there is no aarch64 build. You could try building yourself or ask someone, if knowledge is lacking.
Just to make things clear, exactly what are your workout exercise? Weightlifting?

@throwaway69 I will take a look at the sub-forum you linked, thank you.
@eson I’m doing full-body reinforcement. I will ask for a aarch64 port as @throwaway69 suggested it. But if you have any other app idea in mind, do not hesitate :slight_smile:

Full body reinforcement is a fairly fluid concept, so please specify. :wink:

  • back (lat machine, pullings, lower back, pulley, etc.)
  • bottom (weighted squats, ischio, abdu, addu, bum, crunch, etc.)
  • upper body, etc.

OK, I will see what I can find, and also try to build the above recommendation. However, I cannot guarantee a positive result.

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Thanks to you! I really appreciate :slight_smile:

…aaaand it will take a day or so. I have some other obligations.

No problem, there is no urgency at all !

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Got it. I’ll ping 'im.


@cnlpete is on it with github actions and I’ll follow up when he and I are back from vacation …

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Developer of "Bodyweight timer" here. I will upload a new version to harbour as soon as possible.
Having issues with the upload to Harbour/Store currently :upside_down_face: But I think I should have an update ready within the next days.


Remenber that PSA: Store QA on vacation, it may take some time to get the application in the store.


i added a working github action that is able to build all 3 versions. i did ping @buschtrommel, maybe he will add them to openrepos, otherwise you can download from the guithub action: ( is that available for everyone? )


I wondered why you were using release: ? I have all my workflows using at least ( @coderus do you have 4.5 already?) … also, you can do a release section to publish to a tagged release with individual rpms attached to the release. For instance: (does a release build for tags starting with ‘v’ …) for what it’s worth :slight_smile: