Working Radio solution? ‘Nextradio’ on android?

After doing some research on the radio(FM tuner chip) for several hours, initially I thought it wouldn’t be possible, however, under certain circumstances I feel like it might be possible to access… however it would require you to stay on Android 10 and before installing sailfish go to the play store and download ‘nextradio’ … I guess we should test if nextradio even works on android 10 on the Xperia any model? I got Xperia 10ii. If someone could download nextradio on their Sony Xperia 10ii on Android 10 before installing SailfishOS and just seeing if the app works and is able to access the Sony Xperia FM tuner chip

I don’t know what this will break/not update in the process… might be trade offs but if anyone knows if this works lmk

Sure, radio may work on Android - but what would that have to do with Sailfish?

I like the Allradio app best. @openrepos

There are a few internet radio clients on Sailfish. AllRadio was already mentioned, has built-in community lists, and can take most Ice/Shoutcast streams. Pyrrha exists if you prefer the Pandora Radio service, Received works for streams, and if you want an all-in-one option for local, remote music and radio streaming, Deadbeef Silica works for most formats including tracker music as well. And of course, there is no shortage of radio-like apps on the Android side.

If what you seek is FM radio, there is no software implementation for most devices, despite several Sony phones having it in the chipset. The stock Android ROM is the only known way to take advantage of the hardware.

In theory, would it be possible to copy/adapt the binaries running the FM radio from Android to SFos? (on a tech point of view, not on a legal one)

It was mentioned somewhere that FM radio requires a dedicated kernel module which is not part in the kernel we have on our phones. I’m surprised as I thought SFOS uses the Kernel that comes with the Android installed on the phone at production time. If that was the case we would just need the right module from Android and install it on SFOS.