[work in progress] Stellarium with an Aarch64 rpm

Hi everyone!

As @michfu has left SailfishOS, he won’t be maintaining his SailfishOS port of Stellarium (itself based on lduboeuf’s UbuntuTouch port, of chengxinlun’s Stellarium Android),
and as aviarus hasn’t managed to get this newer version to compile only the older SFM,

I’ve decided to pick up this package.

The good news:

  • I’ve rebased it on the latest 0.4 upstream of the UbuntuPort (based on the latest Android version, which uses the last publicly available version of the Stellarium-for-Mobile core 1.29.6)
  • It mostly works on my Xperia 10iii
  • It asks for the correct permissions.

The bad news/what’s missing:

  • This latest UbuntuTouch version uses QtQuick Controls 2 API which is NOT available in SailfishOS, and thus the StarloreDialog (that’s the menu that normally comes in Settings => _Starlore) and LocationCityPicker (Settings => Location => Name/City: => Manual).

    (I’ve haven’t noticed other regressions, yet).

The ugly news:

  • Inicidentally, the data pins on my Xperia 10iii broke the other day (I’m still in the left side of the bathtube curve), which is reducing my possibilities to debug/test (only over Wifi) to not mention even charge the smartphone (only USB-C chargers that use USB-PD work as they negociate using CC1,CC2, instead of D+,D-)
  • So I won’t be doing much testing in the near future. Once I get the warranty repair, I could have another look at the app.

Finally got to it. They were using this in a very limited way. I commented the sections (only one scroll attribute) and that works just fine.

The StareLoreDialog is ok, but the LocationCityPicker has another issue:

“file not found: data/base_locations.bin.gz” That file is 500 kb smaller and so we should consider making sure it and not the txt version get distributed.

I went and found that file in the upstream and placed it into the install (.pro data section) which solves that issue, but there is a second issue which is a bit more convoluted.

In any case, I’ll fix that as I find time. GPS works so I’m happy for now. I’ll make a merge request for my changes.

Thanks for getting this this far!

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Oh, almost forgot, upstream celebrated version 1.0.

And it’s a really heavy install (100mb +) … so I’m also looking at moving the base dir for the data directory

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And, here we go: Corrections to remove QtQuck.Controls and base_locations reading. by poetaster · Pull Request #1 · sailfishos-chum/Stellarium-sailfishos · GitHub