WLAN or SIM networking speed is more lower than android

HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…) :xperia 10 plus
I feeling that the networking speed is more lower than Android or Window by using the same WLAN.Any one has the same trouble ?
Or anyone knows the reasons?


Are you testing this with the browser or by other means? The browser is pretty slow…

According to specs x10 does have 5Ghz too, is the access point configured with two separate names for 2.4 and 5Ghz? If not maybe you’re using 2.4 on sfos (and no idea if there is a way to force 5ghz, just spitballing)

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Hmm, maybe 5GHz dual-mode is more well abstracted on Android. I just always assumed phone WiFi was a bit… crap. But seeing this thread and that advice i measured once again. It seems 2.4GHz is rather crap on the Xperia 10 at least. I only get 35Mbps with the router in full view, but upwards of 200Mbps on 5GHz. Not entirely sure this is a OS thing still, but quite odd.

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You could try this before connecting to your AP: https://openrepos.net/content/osanwe/wifi-analyser
It has a 5Ghz option, no idea if it turns the whole chip into 5ghz mode, but worth a try, let us know if it help with the speed (weirdly enough there is no wireless-tools package to pkcon wth…)

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Same with Microsoft Edge Android

Only using 5G WLAN .2.4G WLAN is disabled

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MS Edge you need to run on top of Android compatibility layer in Sailfish, it is expected to be slower. You could check some native tests on Sailfish for comparison, there are some ideas on TJC.

Then no idea, have you tried comparing something running in terminal (like curl/wget) or ran any speedtest apps?

Tried speedtest Android ,slower then Windows

How do you run windows on your phone?

?windows can use the same WLAN to run speedtest

But your phone isn’t your laptop/desktop, apples to oranges comparison as it has different HW, run tests on same HW with different OS to have any meaningful results

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Maybe you are right.but,the same WLAN and same distance ,Windows 's speed is 100Mb and sfos’s speed is 40Mb.

At least compare android on same hw with sfos on same hw, the fact that different wifi chips get different speeds is… expected really


I don’t have android deviceyet .So have u ever try it?

Yeah, my laptop is getting way better speeds than my jollaC and cosmo(android), as expected really, but if you want to claim sfos has it borked you need to flash your hw with android and drop comparison on that same hw, or again it’s apples to oranges


Thanks for your response

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The WLan Speed of my 10 Plus ( isn’t to bad (some random result - sometimes ping time is way better):
taken with Fennec 68.8 for Android

Sure, slower than my Ryzen7 notebook:
taken with Firefox 79 (Win10)

…but not too far away.

I’m sure with Jolla1, Jolla Tablet or Xperia X it’s slower, though - simply for not being that fast under Alien dalvik. And the SF Browser…yeah…not the best choice to test speed.

Edit: just tested the tablet -> 40 Mbps
and the Xperia X -> 86 Mbps
I’m sure to have hit >96 Mbps with the 10 plus in the past.

So in the end WLan speed is pretty ok for me.
Probably your 10 plus isn’t using the full potential of your WLan beacon?

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On 2.4 GHz I get 40% of max downlink and on 5 GHz 80%. About the same as Core i5 with wired connection. Not bad with Sony XA2.

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