WireGuard support

As the title suggests. I know its possible to make it work with enough command line magic but included in the normal VPN UI is better.


Wireguard was incorporated into mainline with Linux 5.6 AFAIK, so every device a typical SFOS user deals with would have to get a backport for that to even have that functionality (not even talking about GUI!). Typical Sony devices don’t ship with wireguard kernel modules.

I hope I am wrong :slight_smile:

It doesn’t need to be in the kernel. There are userspace implementations. It just has to be transparent (UI in the os) to the end user.

Someone also made a package for it: https://twitter.com/antranigv/status/1335704265374003203

That is kernel version independent, because it uses the go version.

Hi there! So just last night I built, ported and packaged WireGuard to Sailfish as noted in the tweet above.

While there are many bugs with it, I hope to get them fixed during the next couple of days.

However, there’s a lot of documentation missing on Sailfish, for example, how to know about network change, how to run a program as root without using devel-su/sudo, should I use suid sticky bit? etc.

Hopefully next month I will also release a UI for WireGuard similar to iOS’s version.

If there are any questions let me know.