Wireguard by using tailscale

Tailscale includes a statically-linked binary for arm.
Included in this is wireguard-go.
Out of curiosity, I downloaded it, untared it and ran it.
Tailscale works on xperia 10 II. !!!
So I can now connect to and from the phone from any of my devices, and I don’t actually need to use wireguard directly.
The binary is at

Use Tailscale on - select ‘Other’
Select ‘Stable Release Track’
Select (for Xperia 10 II) https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/tailscale_1.22.2_arm64.tgz

Try it out!




that’s good to know, thanks!
a colleague of mine just showed me Tailscale this week.

This is fantastic. Did you get it to autostart on bootup? I can find no information on running it on Sailfish.


If you can run it manualy you can make it run from a systemd service most lilely.

Yes, I can run it manually but still can’t seem to get it to run successfully at startup. I’m not very familiar with systemctl but have taken bits from here: How to start a script at boot? without managing to get it to work. The closest I got was loaded but inactive, dead.

Just looked at the package - there’s even a systemd service shipped with it.

From a quick glance you probably will need to remove or adapt the After= line in the .service file because SFOS does not have NetworkManager or systemd-resolved and friends. Maybe replace those with connman-vpn.

Thanks for the suggestion - I dropped the service file into /etc/systemd/system/ and replaced NetworkManager with connman-vpn (in the After= line as you suggest), ran systemctl enable tailscaled.service as devel-su and dropped the binary file into /usr/sbin/ but no joy - I suppose that is why I’m a farmer and not a developer :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea! I managed to get it working but I was having trouble with DNS config (connman overriding the config on each network change). I ended up writing a connman plugin to get around that, which integrates it closely with the system UI (you can configure it using the settings app).

I uploaded what I have to WireGuard for Sailfish (Settings UI) | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System in case you want to give it a try. It works fine for my basic setup, but it may break for anything more complicated (feedback welcome!).


I’ve just tried your app.
I used
pivpn -a
to create a new client, which has worked before.
I assume that the file is the same as a wg-quick file…
I copied that to the phone (xperia 10 II )
and got the message
Settings imported successfully

But on htting Accept
It just moves (apparently) on screen to the right to say
There are no VPN connections set up.
Pull down to add a new VPN

Any suggestions?