Wireguard by using tailscale

Tailscale includes a statically-linked binary for arm.
Included in this is wireguard-go.
Out of curiosity, I downloaded it, untared it and ran it.
Tailscale works on xperia 10 II. !!!
So I can now connect to and from the phone from any of my devices, and I don’t actually need to use wireguard directly.
The binary is at

Use Tailscale on - select ‘Other’
Select ‘Stable Release Track’
Select (for Xperia 10 II) https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/tailscale_1.22.2_arm64.tgz

Try it out!




that’s good to know, thanks!
a colleague of mine just showed me Tailscale this week.

This is fantastic. Did you get it to autostart on bootup? I can find no information on running it on Sailfish.


If you can run it manualy you can make it run from a systemd service most lilely.

Yes, I can run it manually but still can’t seem to get it to run successfully at startup. I’m not very familiar with systemctl but have taken bits from here: How to start a script at boot? without managing to get it to work. The closest I got was loaded but inactive, dead.

Just looked at the package - there’s even a systemd service shipped with it.

From a quick glance you probably will need to remove or adapt the After= line in the .service file because SFOS does not have NetworkManager or systemd-resolved and friends. Maybe replace those with connman-vpn.

Thanks for the suggestion - I dropped the service file into /etc/systemd/system/ and replaced NetworkManager with connman-vpn (in the After= line as you suggest), ran systemctl enable tailscaled.service as devel-su and dropped the binary file into /usr/sbin/ but no joy - I suppose that is why I’m a farmer and not a developer :slight_smile: