Windows 10 fastboot drivers


I am trying to flash Sailfish to Xperia 10 on Windows 10, bit I am not able to properly install fastboot drivers. I am using Xperia X driver as described in official manual. I even tried Xperia 10 II driver, bur without luck. I am on Windows 10 2004, as I have found it may be caused by this. Do you know how ro resolve it. Before I flashed in on Linux and it worked flawlessly. Thank you.

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try installing generic adb/fastboot android drivers from xda

I found this post about this problem, but I am still stuck with Android :slightly_frowning_face:

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Update your Windows computer to version 20H2 followed by the cumulative update from Dec 2020.

This makes it possible to install the fastboot driver successfully, again.


Thank you. I have it already installed. With latest Windows upgrade it is possible to flash Sailfish!

I’m confused. Can you provide me with the details for what version of Windows you are running?

I have Windows 10 Pro v. 2004 and even after following the guide provided by Jolla/SailfishOS, I cannot get my PC to see my Xperia XA2 Ultra device when putting it in Fastboot mode. The guide mentions a problem with my version of Windows but if you got it working somehow using Xperia X drivers for your device, I should theoretically also be able to get my drivers installed.

My device manager:

Windows details:


I don’t have my computer with me so I don’t know exact OS build number, but with latest windows update I was able to install fastboot driver for Xperia X, which works fine for my Xperia 10. With previous version it simply did not work. I can check exact build number later, when I get to my laptop.

Latest build number: