Will you upgrade from Xperia 10 II to 10 III?

I may not ask for them to do so. :slight_smile:

i also have a 10 plus licence i will never use, i consider it the price of doing business. i.e. if I want the option of SFOS then i won’t begrudge coughing up some cash to Jolla.

i’ve tended to buy licences when they’re on offer, so it hasn’t cost me much.


I already upgraded my XA2 Ultra to 10 iii. It’s in the box waiting for Sailfish to be available


So, now I also have a shiny new Xperia 10 III with unlocked boot loader waiting in my drawer for SFOS to arrive :slight_smile:

I bought my Xperia 10 III before Christmas. I use it sparingly with a pre-paid SIM, to test that the hardware works as expected. There’s an ‘Xperia system update’ available, but I wait with that. I’m not particularly fond of the form factor of Xperia 10 III, but other than that it’s a nice phone. Android without Google account and all kinds of tracking functionality disabled, is working… fine, I guess. Above all, it’s very snappy and quick. But I still think SFOS is better designed; more intuitive, easier to use, and better looking. I’m looking forward to installing SFOS on this Sony Xperia 10 III.

Just as a heads-up, unlocking it may be a bit premature. I had to re-lock my Xperia 10 II in order to easily upgrade to the recommended prior Android version. Hopefully re-locking the 10 III is as easy, but previously it used to be impossible.

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Well, I wanted to know if the unlocking part works :slight_smile:
Also never bothered to update my “old” 10 II to the recommended Android version either and (as one may read in this forum) avoided many of the issues some people seem to have encountered with this model.

The boot message reads something about “please lock the boot loader” - would it not be ironic if it was actually impossible to lock the boot loader? :smile:

Oh heck yes I will. I’m waiting for it and I’m hoping it wont be long now. My Xperia X has a nasty bug with the modem and sometimes I’m not reachable for days, because it decided to stop working, but the UI shows all is fine.

I had that bug on my 10 II too, so… temper your expectations maybe… ._.

But could you trigger it repeatedly by going into a underground car park? Because I can… I always have to check my phone when I’m doing that. Very annoying.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that is the same issue. Although I had it happen a bit more on my X Compact and it has become less frequent in newer OS versions or I am just less often in a car park :smiley:

Moin wollte fragen wann Sfos fürs 10iii raus kommt…Bin nicht bereit es mit Google zu nutzen…momentan nutze ich Lineageos 19 beim xz1 und xz1c

Yesterday, i installed Sealfish os on my Sony 10lll. It works fine,only a small problem with sound and importing backup from the Xperia X.

There is a very good hint for the import. Mostly it’s just a softlink from /home/nemo to /home/defaultuser. Works like a charm.

Thanks to @rgp . Helped me a lot.
Sound problems in phone calls can imho be fixed by a quick reboot.

Indeed, thx for the hint. It works as you said, like a charm.
Now i have to make it possible in Telegram to download the pictures into Gallery.



Tap on the picture, open menu. There you are.

Normally, it will work like this. But it doesn´t on my device. When i download the picture the screen turn black and there is no result. Think there is a small problem with telegram.
i will find out. Btw thanks for your help.

It’s Telegram FOSS v.8.8.5 (2721) direct arm64-v8a from fdroid.

Its more a bug i think. Its impossible to download anything on Xperia 10iii. It doesn’t download at all. Not only via Telegram, but also via browser, whatsapp and e-mail. No picture’s or documents download so far.
Strange its works perfect on the Xperia X

My 10 III, does downloads.
This not a common problem, I think.