Will this somehow affect the development of SFOS

Does anyone know if this would somehow affect the development of SFOS:


I’m guessing it will be minimal impact. After all Hybris is a Jolla invention, so even if it has had some outside contributions they can definitely manage just fine.
My personal take on it is that proper mainline support will improve the situation for alternative OSes across the board. Hoping one day phone OSes will be like PC OSes…
The question is how complete said mainline support actually is, and if Android support can be maintained on it.

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my pinephone was not useable the last 2 months … now after 2 months it lasts 14 hrs with one charging, getting smoother and smoother
i do expect that in few years (5+?) the hardware will be so good it does not matter what you buy for 200 bucks and you will be able to run linux on it.

I wouldn’t count on it. The problem is AFAIK the MFGs compile the blobs with the android library for c. And even if the main parts of a phone work with a vanilla kernel there are all sorts of drivers (blobs) the phone needs. No company has the money to get them to recompile their drivers Except maybe samsung which i doubt will make another Tizen phone.