Will there be an RSS feed?

Will there be an RSS feed like on TJC? That has always been most handy to keep an eye on things…


Try adding .rss to a category URL. e.g.


View source on the page, and search for “rss”. you’ll find the links in there.

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Related question: will there be a RSS feed reader for SFOS (at best like the one on N9 :))?

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Hm, if you have a Tiny Tiny RSS running then you have Tiny Tiny RSS reader - or the original mobile reader (Android) on f-droid.

pro: you have a central server running and can read your stuff multi device (phone, web browser)
con: you have to run a central server


Also works for latest posts: https://forum.sailfishos.org/latest.rss


Yes, I know that ‘solution’ but it would need an own server running 24/7.
I realky liked and used the N9 and its integretaed RSS reader…

As I see on harbour: tidings.

Feed’me and kaktus seem to need servers as well.


Tidings does not need a separate server and works very well as RSS reader - been using it for ages now.


I feel a bit ashamed. :confounded:
I was sure to have looked up with ‘‘RSS’’ on Store and as well on OpenRepos…
But Tidings just popped to my eyes now and installed it right Away and it is aquite good. Serves me well. :slight_smile:
Thanks @cy8aer


I went looking for a feed of replies to my own posts, or to topics I’d posted to, or notifications. There isn’t one - which didn’t surprise me since the feed reader would need to have some sort of auth token.

But I did find this topic on meta.discourse.org where Jeff Atwood suggests post-processing the feed to get only replies: https://meta.discourse.org/t/rss-feed-or-list-of-latest-replies/89854

The same approach could work to identify replies to your own posts or to watched topics. You’d need to store the topic numbers locally - maybe identify your own posts in the feed and watch those topics.

I haven’t looked at the Discourse APIs, but maybe the post-processor could make use of those to identify rss articles corresponding to notifications.

In case anybody has time on their hands :wink:

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