Will sailfish be ported to Xperia 1/5 ii

Hi, can these devices have Sailfish ported to them, I would love to run sailfish on my 5 ii, and I am able to help with testing if calls, messages work

Technically yes since they are supported by the open device program, practically you will need someone knowledgeable enough to put the time in to have a community port. I wouldn’t expect Jolla to support anything else than the 10 iii at this point.

In other words don’t expect it anytime soon™ or ever.

There is a community porting effort:



And what about the Sony XZ1 Compact (Lilac Platform)?

Its much more Powerfull than the X Compact i use with Sailfish as Daily Driver, because it is a real Flagship-Hardware in a handy and small Form-Factor. I have this Device at home with newest Lineage 19 (Android 12), but not interested to use Android anymore. Its a spare/backup Device for my Family Members.

Get an XZ2c. The community port works really good.

Get an XZ2c. The community port works really good.

It´s still to big for my taste, it shouldn´t really bigger than the x compact/xz1 compact:

Source: Compare Smartphones Size online

I have small Hands and Pockets, so i´m in need of a small Device. So i stay with my Sony X Compact and SailfishOS.

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Sadly its the smallest device that can run SFOS. And i agree. It it was a bit more compact i’d be better.

How would I use that to build an image

Basically by becoming a Porter and following the HADK, and asking nicely on #sailfishos-porters IRC channel.
Maybe Thaodan is able to share one.

Can you give me some links please, thanks