[Wiki] Translate applications to French

There are many applications and good ones! Some unfortunately are still not translated to French. This wiki has as purpose to fix it with the help of the French-speaking community. Join us on the telegram group for more information. When editing single file, using QT Linguist is highly recommended.

App Translated ? Where ? Who translates?
Podcatcher Partially GitHub pherjung
Olive goes shopping Has mistakes Transifex Orphan
Fahrplan Has mistakes GitHub Orphan
Working Hours Tracker Partially Transifex Orphan
Battery Buddy Partially PR on GitHub Orphan
Math teacher Partially Transifex Orphan
Situations Partially PR on GitHub Orphan
InfraView No PR on GitHub Orphan
CellMon No PR on GitHub, not internationalized Orphan
Editor No PR on GitHub Orphan
Ofono Log No PR on GitHub Orphan
Mattermost No PR on GitLab Orphan
Sailtrix No PR on GitLab Orphan
Defender No PR on GitHub Orphan
Wunderfitz No PR on GitHub Orphan
Chum Yes PR on GitHub phklrz
SMPC Yes PR on GitHub pherjung
Forum SFOS Yes PR on GitHub pherjung
SeaPrint Yes PR on GitHub pherjung
Fotokopierer Yes POEditor pherjung
Fernschreiber Yes PR on GitHub pherjung

PS : is it possible to set this topic as wiki (ping @flypig @sledges) ? Thanks :slight_smile:


If you need some help, I’m here ! :wink:

It’s now converted to a wiki. Nice initiative, best of luck with it.

Some here don’t have a Github or Gitlab account. As a test, I propose to edit together using Framapad and once translation is finish, someone do a PR to the project.

SeaPrint only has a partial French translation since the last year of feature additions. Hopefully it should be pretty stable now that it is at 1.0. Feel free to contribute if you feel up for it.

Could you set up a project for Seaprint on Hosted Weblate or Transifex? That’d make it a lot easier to translate.

I poked around in those tools now for about 30 minutes.
Seems like it is too much faff to be worth it, sorry.
No auto-import on Transifex?! Really strict in-file license requirements on Weblate (and other nitpicks)?

One suggestion could be a centralized guide for adding the most bang-for-the-buck translation service to Sailfish apps.

But on the other hand doing it right in the XML is pretty easy, and a PR straight from the GitHub website is very possible.

Personally i’m actually not a fan of translations… but i respect you guys enough to try and make it possible.