WiFi sharing page in Settings improvements

The WiFi sharing in Settings does not display a QRcode but it would be nice to have like in this picture below (data are fake, just for example):

The suggested password is to short, it should be 2x longer and this is the reason because a QRcode would be nice to have. After having inserted the PIN code (or the fingerprint) to unlock the password view then the QRcode can be created and shown.

The Qr-Clip app implemented the QRcode creation for the text not for the WiFi access. However, the creation of the Wifi access is nothing else than a string with a specific format (here).

Would be also nice that tethering will auto-disable is after N minutes there is no any client that use the hot-spot. Where N minutes and enabling this function would be nice to have in the UI of the wifi-sharing settings page.

Once, the number of clients connected has been collected could be also shown in the wifi-sharing settings page, as well. The option to block or allow one in particular filtering the mac-address will complete the picture.


I fully concur with the original feature request:

WiFi sharing in the Settings app should display a QRcode.
The format is more pre less standardised, AFAIR.

The pile of other ideas denoted is rather distracting from the essential feature (request) and should be file separately, IMO.

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Thanks for highlight this aspect, I have changed the title of the post accordingly, from this:

  • WiFi sharing in Settings does not display a QRcode

to this:

  • WiFi sharing page in Settings improvements

I hope you will appreciate more my “pile of ideas” under this new title. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: