Why sailfishos depends in android 10 or 9?

is there someone that can tell me why it matters if the sailfishos has to be based if the phone has android 9 or 10?? why is not possible to do a phone or use a sony where has nothing to do with android??


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Sailfish OS uses Android as a Midlayer. They could get rid of Android, but then would have to build the telephony part themself. Lets hope that one day this will be the case, but up to then we can use the Android components :stuck_out_tongue :stuck_out_tongue:


:pensive: shame that is based in android.

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SailfishOS is not based on “Android”, but uses a kernel compiled for Android and non-open source binary drivers provided by hardware manufacturers for that kernel to function on devices without mainline Linux kernel support. These companies don’t provide open source drivers, nor are they willing to share specifications for their sh*t. Another problem is that Google in all their unwisdom decided to use a alternative C-library which is incompatible with the rest of the Linux ecosystem. Those are also the reason that you need to buy a new phone to get a newer OS, because those companies have no interest in supporting yesterdays hardware, even though it would run just fine. It’s not Jolla’s fault, but a market-issue, where one single party - google - dominates the whole industry, and users are generally too ignorant to demand better support, but instead accept out-dated, insecure operating systems or simply buy new devices.

AFAIK SailifshOS runs fine on (near) mainline devices like the Pinephone, if you’re willing to accept the much lower end hardware.



I get it. Is not base but depends of Android to work in phones. Hope can find a company that wanna help them to use their hardware in a better way that Sony does

Even if that can be seen so, I would phrase it a little different:

  • For man phones no drivers are publicly available at all
  • Sony at least publishes their (Android) drivers in a BSP
  • Devices with publicly available drivers typically are not built from flagship technology

So if you go with 2nd option, you need to provide some android like ecosystem for them to work. :wink:

If you run Aliendalvik, then your phone is a sandwich: a filling of delicious Sailfish OS between two layers of Android middleware that would be too bland on their own.

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I think at some point longer ago, Jolla was between the decision to be based on Ubuntu Touch or Cynagenmod and they decided to be based on Cynagenmod nowadays Lineage OS. But correct me if i am wrong, i think Ubuntu Touch is also Android based, the only difference would have been Halium-based or not Halium based…

ups-. That doesnt sound so nice for a Linux OS

I still think that will be great to find a phone that allows you to use their drivers for that. I know that I dont know nothing, but what about Volla pjhones or Fairphones, will not be interested in supporting Jolla? just asking

That’s not entirely up to phone manufacturers like Sony…
They depend on the hardware drivers they get from the SOC/baseband manufacturer (so mainly Qualcomm).

@delocoyo But if you are searching for a real SFOS phone, wait until Pinephone is officially supported. If i understood it right. There, there is no Android under the hood, but its all based on Linux…

Is that ever gonna happen?

Seen, that the hardware and the drivers are free, i think Pinephone is one of the only phones on the market where Jolla would have total control of the device. For Volla phone, its a nice initiative, but i think it will be the same as the Xperia X programm, so SFOS installed on Android. For the Fairphone probably also…

but jolla hasnt done any statement about Pinephone, isnt?

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I think you are right, but as Piggz is involved in the Pinephone port, and he is one of the most senior backers of SFOS, there might be a move in the right direction :wink: