Why is there no (obvious) way to share more than one pic at the time

I’ve been searching since day one for a way to share more than one picture at the same time, from share menu. Not even the ImgOrganizer app gives the opportunity to share more than one pic.
Please, I need to select a couple of images and send them all in a single mms, just as they do on ios and android.
I don’t know if I should tag this as feature request or a bug report.


Duplicate of: [Feature Request] Share multiple pictures from gallery perhaps?

Also do note that both sides needs to have handling for sending/receiving multiple resources.


Of course, I missed that one. Thanks!

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My daughter is constantly sending me multiple pics, so I assume that SFOS can accommodate them.

She’s on IOS, of course.

Ah… of the sharing transaction i mean.
So you need multi-select on the invoking side and a sharing plugin that declares it can receive multiple files (see other thread). Accepting it on the being-shared-to end is not really related to what you describe.

Edit: but i seem to recall that the messages app might not be able to send multiple images over MMS, but i could be mistaken.

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You are absolutely right.

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There is a patch for this but whisperfish is missing from the sharing list. Is there any way to manually add whisperfish there?

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and it would also be great to transfer multiple files to pc simultaneously using Sailfish Connect. Reminder to dev R1tschY…

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So what is the name of this patch? I can’t fin any.

GalleryShare by lolek

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Thanks, but on a quick test it doesn’t seem to work on my X10 III, only the first chosen photo is sent and received.
I’ll try to dig in deeper tomorrow.

I presume you mean sent over MMS, but please clarify. If so what did the app look like when you pressed send; did it actually show them?

Related bug report here:

Might be that support for multiple resources is exaggerated by some recipients of sharing actions…

Yes, it’s till MMS I’m trying to use, and no, only the first chosen photo is shown.
It is the exact same problem as in the bug report, only for MMS instead of NextCloud or Bluetooth.

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If I may suggest something then I’d recommend not to send multiple images in one MMS. Each operator has a size limit (100, or 300, or 1000 kB, usually one of the two lower ones) and the more images you pack into one MMS the more compression they get to fit that limit, resulting in very poor quality. I always send one image per MMS, even if it takes sending several separate messages, as it gives the highest possible quality…

For me, quality is not an issue in those few use cases.