Why doesn't Jolla release their own device with Sailfish OS (Like the Jolla Phone)?

Title. I remember back in 2013 I purchased the Jolla phone. It was awesome. There was a lot of buzz in the media about Jolla as a company. Now it’s been more quiet. Why does Jolla company not release another device like the Jolla phone to the consumer market? The OS is more mature and developed now and Android app support is there, and I’m sure at least in Finland there would be people interested buying a device to support a Finnish OS.

Heck, you know what would be even more awesome. If Jolla partnered up with Nokia (HMD Global) to release device with a dual-boot option between Android and Sailfish OS.

I’m interested how Jolla as a company is making money. They are clearly focusing on privacy and not mass consumer market. It’s just sad because getting a device with Sailfish OS is such a hassle.


You did search forum before writing this… Right?


No I didn’t. I tried searching now but couldn’t find answers based on quick search.

They tried it once with the Jolla Phone and it didn’t work out, all while they were able to tap into the sill sizable Maemo/Meego user base.
They tried it with the Jolla Tablet (scamming a lot of people in the process) and it still didn’t work out.
What indications do we have that this would end up being any different this time?


Yeah good point. Hopefully Jolla will officially collaborate with Volla/Fairphone/Shiftphone etc. in the future


I hope so too. I don’t really understand why these companies - all based in Europe - not team up. That way we might get a real European device with European operating system - and hopefully a fully working device (especially when I think a out the GPS desaster with the Sony devices).

Im curious if Volla will bring an SFOS port for their tablet…


You say these things like you fully expect to be the first one to think of it. Let’s just say that’s quite naive.
Devices takes a lot of work and investment - are you at all considering the size of the company?
There is a dozen threads mentioning HMD Global.
If any manufacturer got properly on board, i’m sure there could be a collaboration… so that seems to imply none did. It takes two to tango.

I don’t think that is a fair description, as that would imply intent.


Money is the first reason. Making a proper modern phone requires quite a lot.

Other than that is that -enough- people don’t care and/so neither manufacturers nor companies seem to be interested in a competing OS. They are happy paying and complaining about the apple/google tax.

This doesn’t mean that the option is lost forever.
Mistakes were made but Jolla can learn from them. Besides, the tablet disaster wasn’t due to mistakes only, it was also bad luck.
Anyway, the concept of the Jolla 1 was and still is future proof with a removable battery.
It could be made possible in the future to replace more parts like Fairphone.
The advantage is that repeated adaptations to new devices with all those bugs aren’t necessary.
If there is a will, there is a way.

Sometimes these questions are hidden in other conversations, so they can be hard to find. I see no reason to blame him. On the contrary, the questions are to the point.


I would like this too. Why not?

Maybe this is a bit overgeneralization as my experience with Xperia 10 was always great.


I have XA2 and 10 III - both worse.

Did someone already ask for an official port for the fairphone or tablet refund?
Or did someone come up with an ultrasmart busines plan for Jolla?

Just asking…

Ahh and that terrible pain in all the diods on my left side…