Why Doesn't Jolla Go Public?

haha. interesting. but it has been around for over a decade

very informative. that means that some in the community love SFOS more than some devs

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android is always busy trying to copy other OS dessigns. a good example is the app drawer

I may sound a bit conservative and grumpy, but I think SFOS 1 was more consistent in its ideas. Many adoptions, for new users, migrating from other mobile OSes, break the design philosophy. Much because it feels as an afterthought and not an adopted design. The new UX are not applied constantly through Sailfish, which leads me to feel this.
I don’t mind things changing (that much), but I believe it has to be done as a redesign, not just a “patch”.


It’s getting off-topic, but feel free to start a new thread with a wiki listing all inconsistent in the UI/UX.

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I have worked with a platform independent Basic macro interpreter. On Unix. As fast or even faster then compiled C-proramms.

I agree. The calling menu is an example of a change that is not in line with the original design. The silly thing is, when setting up the phone, you still get the instruction with pulley menu. I never had difficulties with the pulley menu, it’s better than a vague swiping gesture. Jolla and the community worked hard to make improvements, yet the system has not become more user friendly.

Yes, the OS is very beautiful, but fixing the bugs would be better and much more important than unnecessary design changes. And I ask myself if there is a bug free version they sell (only) to organisations while we, the SFOS community, always will stay the beta testers and never will get a well engineered OS. There are still a lot of - partly very annoying - bugs, that are reported since years and not yet fixed.

Just now I had again to struggle with power off my Xperia 10, what was followed by a immediately reboot. The ONLY way to permanently turn power off is by CLI, become devel-su, type ‘poweroff’ (enter). Why the hell can’t Jolla fix this so that I can switch off my SF phone as any other phone user can do it? We had 6 updates since 2020, 3 X-10 in my family, the bug still persists. (But my Volla doesn’t suffer this bug)

TBH, in SFOS’s present state they can’t sell it to a greater amount of main stream customers, they would get lots of complaints and guarantee requests and it would ruin their reputation. Believe me, it’s much much better if SFOS stays an insider’s tip for some professional and hobby coders and enthusiasts! So it’s Jolla’s imho very wise decision not to go public on a broader scale.

Another thing is, the most apps needs permanent development to adapt them to the recent OS changes. Every update time, some apps stop working and has to be fixed by the devs. So a dev has to maintain every update time, old apps get unuseable. Can’t Jolla please standardize their application interface, so that old apps keep useable?

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Srsly? It also copied gesture driven user interfaces years before others got there.

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making an operating system is more than just design. it is apps, security and much more

Yes, maintenance of the Jolla app store could be better. With the newest updates many apps disappeared, also useful ones. No metronome in Jolla store anymore, etc. I have now 5 app stores on my phone (Jolla, Storeman, Chum, FDroid, Aurora), which is quite weird. I think it’s a lack of money and so a lack of employees. I am convinced that the people who work for Jolla are doing what they can, but it’s not what it should be.


Not to forget apkpure!

They probably read what we post here as they watch from the background. If I contact them directly they might ignore me.

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