Whisperfish - The unofficial SailfishOS Signal client

Do you mean the pro or the counter position was reversed rapidly?

They used to be against it, but people said that that was a stupid way of thinking because platforms outside of Android, iOS and desktop will probably never get an official Signal client. I don’t think the Signal developers ever said they changed their minds, they (Signal) just stopped complaining about it. In any case, I don’t think they ever blocked any third parties from accessing their services.

Will this make it in the official store once its “complete” or it cant???

As of now, we can’t, I think. I’ve put “Rust as an application language” forth as a topic on the next community meeting.

I’d be hesitant to post it to the Jolla store in its current for, but if it gets a bit more polished (and we’re moving fast!), I’d be all for it… if Jolla agrees :wink:

I’ve pushed an emergency alpha.5 that fixes the contact selection. It uses the native Sailfish/Silica contact selection now. A lot nicer :slight_smile: Full changelog on OpenRepos!


Ah, fantastic.

I have no prior experience with Signal, but is it posisble to show only contacts that have a Signal account? If it is based on phone numbers, that should work, not?
I can imagine non-Signal contacts get a low-contrast color, Signal contacts get a high-contrast color.

I’ve been working on exactly that today, @marcelpol, but due to circumstances it won’t be in Whisperfish very soon. We need some further modernisation in the code first: https://gitlab.com/rubdos/whisperfish/-/issues/133

At this point, since it Working™ for Most People™, I am going to take my time to finish beta.1. I’m not sure whether registered contact filtering will be in there, or even what form it’ll take, but at least with the above links, you can track the progress!


Thank you. I will follow that :slight_smile: