Whisperfish app data removal

I have problem getting Whisperfish receive and send messages, and now I am trying to do a complete reinstall of the app so I can setup my device again. But everytime it asks me for a password to unlock conversations instead of the expected phone number. So there must be some files I havent removed that stores this data. But where?

I have deleted the following with no success:


Also found ~/.local/share/harbour-whisperfish which did the trick. The re-setup didn’t solve the main issue though. But that is another topic.

How do I reset Whisperfish to be able to register again?

Resetting from the user interface is not yet possible, but you can run this command:

rm -rf ~/.local/share/harbour-whisperfish ~/.config/harbour-whisperfish

… which will remove all your current messages and contacts, after which you will be able to re-register. If you had daemon-mode turned on, reboot your device after running the rm command.