Which micro-SD cards are compatible with the XA2?

I have a Kingston 32 GB but it doesn’t work with a Sony XA2. Which brands do work? What is your experience?

Kingston Canvas select 128GB working

And you are sure it is not just a case of not being formatted with the correct file system?
SD cards are standardized, so actual low-level incompatibility shouldn’t™ be a thing.

I have used a couple of Lexar cards, both from before and after them becoming a Chinese re-badge.


Thanks. I will try that.

Sorry, I have no idea what you mean. In storage it says that I haven’t inserted a card while I did just that. The card is empty, it never worked.

I would also try a couple of times to insert, the sledge is a little bit tricky.

Indeed, try re-seating it a few times first.

SD cards since SDXC onwards come formatted with exFAT, which is encumbered by software patents (only recently officially contributed to Linux). This filesystem will not work with Sailfish OS currently, so you would need to reformat to something like ext4. Detection should still work, but since you would need to reformat to use it anyway, i’d do that on a computer, and try again - if only as a troubleshooting step.

You can also check lsblk, for me my sd-card appears as mmcblk1, and internal storage as mmcblk0.

Reading the “Guide: Creating partitions on SD-card, optionally encrypted” might help you.

On my XA2 there was a bit too much room in the seating. When listening to music while walking it would sometimes disconnect. I had to add a bit of paper to make it have better contact. Not sure if this is common though, or just my device.

That was it! When I bought the device there were pieces of paper in the slots. I thought I had to remove them.Now it works again, happy to see contacts, notes and pictures back.
Thank you very much!