Which map application is popular here?

I’m looking for a good map application that likes to preserve user privacy.

OSMSout and Pure Maps are the best options for Sailfish OS. Both offer Offline Maps and respect your privacy.
Both have their advantages/disadvantages. I use Pure Maps for Navigation in my car and OSMScout when I’m on a hike.


pure maps is great. I use it with a developer API key for mapbox. OSMScout is great for stuff like terrain hiking, cycling tours, gpx.


Navit also uses offline maps suitable for hiking and turn-by-turn navigation. Privacy is a mostly unrelated topic, though. While GPS is active and AGPS is enabled in settings, your position and some network data (e.g. current position and cell ids in reach) will be tansmitted to the SUPL provider.


I haven’t looked on Navit for ages. I used it a lot on my N900. I will have a look how it developed in the meantime.
Well you don’t have to use AGPS everytime, so privacy is for some extend still of some interest.

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I use Here Maps, which also means using the Android App Support option, which may or may not be to your liking.

My reason for using Here is their offline maps download much quicker than the OSM offline options for Pure Maps and take up a whole lot less space on the device.

I do have Pure Maps on my phone but only use the online option with Here using my own API key.


I’m also using Pure Maps every day.
Works very good.
I generally use it wit the HERE api to have route calculation taking traffic in account.

But I don’t know how is HERE behaving regarding privacy. I guess every request is logged.

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I use Maep for hiking because it can save my track log and display it (unfortunately doesn’t have download maps support, what I do is “visit” the area I will be and move around the map in different zoom levels) . I also use modRana with google traffic layer when I drive in the cities. On XperiaX there was another very nice map app, not very easy to use but you could pick two points or make a path and could show you the distance, it was using also satelite images too, don’t remember the name unfortunately it didn’t ported to Xperia 10 ii . Occasionally I use Pure Maps and OSM Scout .