Where to go after Sailfish?

Are you sure that nobody wants partecipate to this quest? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You are so right. All that speculation leads to nothing but premature decisions. Decisions must be taken fast but not early.


Speculations can lead anywhere including beautiful places, if you know how do manage them.

Correct, timing is essential.

However, to take a decision fast we need to evaluate the alternative and the available options otherwise the fast decision cannot happen fast or it is a blind jump. Usually, the second.


Speculations about where to go after SailFish OS can be interesting because it means that people who are speculating realized that SFOS is not the way whatever Jolla does.

Speculations about where to go after Jolla Oy are useless because they missed the main point above: SailFish OS is not the answer whatever is the question.

Not for me, at least - not any release I saw up to this moment, at least because I use UNIX systems as end-user and as developer and I know what I am expecting from a such a systems and what I am not going to accept.

Already jumped ship a while ago, sadly.

Although I had my reasons to do so, deep down I still hope that SFOS will fix itself, as I am genuinely tired of seeing mono/duopolies in the tech space.

Absolutely this, but with a Snapdragon 855; after I tried Android again almost 2 years later and saw just how responsive the system could be, my mind was seriously confused.

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Personally, I see myself returning to Ubuntu Touch. otherwise I might try Mobian or Droidian

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Im on the long road to try out maemo leste as daily (I know Im crazy) but there are two main problems:

  1. Cant log on maemo forum as I stopped using it a while ago and also cant create new account as activation emails doesnt come anymore.

  2. Even greater problem as I cant find device Im looking for (XT894). I got some n900s lying around but really I would like something snappier while retaining hardware keyboard.

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Looks like there’s pinephone support too PinePhone - Maemo Leste Wiki

When a post of mine, like this, is hidden - does it mean that you managed to complete this task or just someone in the forum is still suffering for the loss of their dignity? Just to know… :wink:

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I wonder if anybody is actually using Maemo Leste as their daily driver, i.e. telephony, mobile broadband and messsaging working reliably? And reasonable battery life?

Ubuntu Touch works afair, but what about Mobian, same questions as above?

And on which device?

If it’s comnig from the WEF is nothing better than Android or iOS. Sorry

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Which hardware? Because the biggest problem is to find hardware…

Anyway it looks like Volla has also big problems…

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Personally, I’d go with Fairphone 5 or 4 (whichever is available in the US), I might even try help porting efforts if need be.
However, if you want a device that works with UT, Pixel 3a and the Gigaset phones seem to work mighty fine – otherwise, check here devices.ubuntu-touch.io/

As someone who ported UT to a Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Pre Xenial, I need to get back into it, but lack of VoLTE hurts) I can say that while I was testing, Telephony worked as you’d expect, no VoLTE On the Samsung Device, but that’s samsung shenanigans, mobile broadband worked fine, but make sure you got the APN settings right, if it’s not automatically set. Messaging worked, but If I remember correctly, file sharing was a bit limited.

Its more about what device has most features working, which you can check here devices.ubuntu-touch.io/ – and for your uses

Fairphone is interesting. I would be a bit pissed of by paying some 100$ more for the e/OS version, but anyway, freedom and privacy have no price. Is the basic model locked with Android? Who knows. Volla with multiboot sounds really sexy, too. Today their web shop is back online. Pixel 3a models are only available as aftermarket. It’s harder and harder to find new hardware. The global dictatorship advances.

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I checked both pages, and it seems to be either 1;1 on Price (599 EUR → 649 USD) for the 8gb Ram version. on both sites, if not just +50 USD. Though I wonder if that’s also the same cost to import/ship on in from Europe to the US.

Nope!, thats one thing about the Fairphones, they get OS Ports, be it Lineage, e/OS, or UT. I believe there are more though.

Can’t disagree with you on that one… For me the seemingly end all device was the OnePlus 6, right before they started taking hw features away, but even then that’s an older phone… Alternatives being the Pro1 X from F(x)tec, or Volla. – Thats why I’m picking Fairphone for now. Of course if something is better in the long run, I might pick that instead. – For me I guess I’ll see how Jolla proceeds

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Last option - Jolla choose Chinese device from ali or whatever, and we buy it on our own. They’ve very good range of products, because they produce for whole world.

Emporia Touch smart.2

It’s a flip-phone with buttons and a tiny touchscreen, but 4G / VoLTE and mobile access point, so this phone and a small laptop makes mobile working possible, but it’s not a smartphone, no Android, works without Google account.
It’s possible to not activate the Signal/Telegram/WhatsApp feature.