Where is my old user profile in a backup?

Having now rebuilt my phone to how I want it, rather than how Jolla think I should have it, I want to have the wallpaper and sounds restored to how they were before all the flashing of various versions took place.

Where should I be looking in the backup? Or are you going to tell me that like so many others things, like /home they’re not stored in a backup?

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Sounds like you already know the answer and just wanted to vent a bit.
Moved to “Get Started” since it doesn’t have anything to do with design.

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No. I’m asking the question because I want an answer. If I wanted to rant about design, then rest assured you would spot the difference in tone.

Current Ambience Settings are AFAIK stored in a combination of dconf keys and a local sqlite database in the user home.

Not sure if the backup contains this information by default.

Okay. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.

Paths involved:

  • .local/share/system/privileged/Ambienced/ambienced.sqlite
  • .local/share/ambienced






Wow. That’s really useful. Many thanks. I hope you didn’t have to go to too much trouble to find that or is it easily available somewhere and I just didn’t look?

Nah not much trouble.
Just a find .local -name "*ambienced*" and a dconf dump / | grep things away.

Would this not much better fit into category ‘Feature Request’?

How much of what I’ve asked should be in a feature request? I’d like to see all of /home being included as part of a normal backup routine but would everybody? I’m quite prepared to submit a Feature Request but it probably wouldn’t make sense to simply include things that I want. After all, I don’t want the current structure and so I am unlikely to ever be considered ‘a typical user’.

Too rant-heavy for my taste - and likely a duplicate if reworked and moved, especially after clarification.

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Using My Backup, in addition to backing up third-party applications, you can also add any file/directory to the backup. Just add ~ and you’ll add the entire home directory to every backup from now on.

Which, I am afraid, could not be a good thing to do.
Afair Jolla shifts some locations from time to time, changes usernames, may change DB layout…
And this is then handled by some scripts run at first start of device or login of user.

And rewriting old ~ structure may break stuff.
So I would for sure backup home but restore only selected stuff (for which you need to know what to choose :frowning: ).

So a real backup-
which at first should work reliably between different models and firmware revisions!
-should include all settings you can modify at the GUI level (at least).
And this would be my (TWO!) feature requests!