Where are different Android/Aliendalvik data streams routed?


as I have read before, the network connections are handled by ConnmanD, be it native or Droid ones. Now, having the same strange behaviour post-update again, here’s the situation and the question: After updating an Xperia XA2+ from 4.4 to 4.5, every Android app EXCEPT Whatsapp and Instagram lost both mobile data and WLAN access. Two weeks later, everything suddenly worked fine again, just to return to that situation again after the most recent update (, I think). The Android Support says “Connected, No Internet” on every WLAN I tried, though WA, Insta and every native SFOS app work flawlessly. Switching to mobile data doesn’t help either.

Question: which different path does WA/Insta take from all the other Android applications? The most important ones (FDroid, Aurora Store, Banking Apps etc) are unable to establish an internet connection. Is there a way to determine and change how and where the data streams are sent? Is it Connman alone, or is there another instance in between which could be the culprit?

Thanks in advance,