Where are Android Apps resp. the data stored?

I have Android support enabled and use a few Android apps. Now I want to exchange some files manually. Where are actually the user files usually stored in SFOS (with BB10 the path often started with “misc/Android/…”. I just can’t find a hint.

Did you check /home/defaultuser/android_storage/ ?

I have checked the directory /home/defaultuser/android_storage/. In the browser of SFOS only stored files (images etc.) are displayed, but not files with app settings etc…

Now I discovered by accident earlier that when connected to the PC there the app data very well set. Strange. But I can live with it.

The Jolla Store version of File Browser is restricted, so you can’t access all files + directories with it. To see all files, you have to install File Browser manually from here:

Scroll down, download the file
with the right xxxxx for your device/architecture.

armv7hl is for 32bit and aarch64 is for 64bit devices.
Then install it manually, and you will see this directory.

Now it works. Thank you

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