When will we be able to make video calls with Fernschreiber and Telegra'me?

Not being able to make a video call with one of these Sailfish Telegram clients sets me apart from my family. I am the only one who cannot contact them this way, because I use my Sailfish devise as daily driver. I also have an old ipad, but that’s only for at home.
When will video calling be possible?


Why does the Android Telegram client (via Alien Dalvik) not work for you? Is the video calling function not available there as well?

I don’t know, sorry. It never worked. Not on Ferschreiber and not on Telegra’me. ‘Not supported’ says the message. . I have the latest Sailfish update. Wire does work, but not Telegram. Unfortunately only a few of my contacts are on Wire.

Hesitating about Android versions. Will try the FOSS app.
In the meantime I searched for the FOSS client. FDroid and Aurora Store are problematic at the moment. My husband now has a device with /e/OS. It has a FOSS Telegram app as standard. He can make video calls. I can’t. Why is it not possible in the Sailfish client apps?

you can simply download android app from Telegram site, no need for stores. It’s open source afaik

I downloaded Nekogram, a FOSS Telegram client app from the FDroid store. Everything worked except making a video call. When trying to make a phone call within this app it immediately connects to the mobile network of the person I call. The same happened in Telegra’me, the Sailfish app. It simply doesn’t work.

Did that too, from the Telegram site. I can download and install it, but calling does not work. Interchanging of encryption does nothing.

Since the announcement of the latest Sailfish update I tried again to make video calls. In Fernschreiber and in the FOSS Telegram app this still does not work. So I installed the official Android app from the Telegram org. and now it is possible. What a pity that it only works with Android.


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