When to expect SFOS 3.4.0

SFOS 3.3 was released 29.04.2020 nearly 5 months ago, the translation rounds have long passed. Normally we saw an OS update all 3-4 months. We know, Corona happened in between. But when could we approximately expect the new 3.4.0 update? Looking forward to a lot of improvements and fixes :slight_smile: Thanks!


It is done, when it is done =)
I am also looking forward to the new release and hope for further improvement :smiley:
Really hard to wait…


I think I stopped asking this kind of question back in 2014.



And I do not care when but what,
e.g. [nemo --> defaultuser]


But to this I agree.
(some apps needs newer libs of 3.3, so I am a bit stuck on 3.2.1)

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I already gave up on Jolla. We paid for a service and the return is horrible.
Support is weak and no one from the company gives an encouragement or a response to an eventual update.
We are seeing ships in harbour because sailfish is extinct.

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@rafaelvlmendes what service did you pay for? if you bough a device or sailfish x you bought a product, not a service.


Hi. I pay for SailfishOS and your services. Jolla can support your system for produts. We are 5 months without support in your system and anyone jolla services say nothing.

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@rafaelvlmendes support != updates. and sailfish is a product, not a service!


I payed for a J1 back in 2014 and it still gets updates in 2020. Find another mfg that does that.

All devices will get the update when its ready. The translation rounds finished a few weeks back so we are probably not far off. Bugs, delays, QA can take time. The updates don’t follow a fixed schedule.


Well, the execution regarding promised features could be better (or faster), but on the other hand, we still get some security-updates (Ok, not for the ancient browser) and new features too, no matter which device we bought.
I am definitely not happy with the speed of progress, but at least Jolla hasn’t dropped support for any device (The Intex Aquafish with original firmware seems to be EOL, but you can change it to behave like a Jolla C).
When Sailfish X was announced, many feared that they would need to renew their license every year. This is not the case, although I believe it took them about a year to implement most of the promised features. :slight_smile:


@Firefox84 Congratulations. You dared to ask THIS question.

Soon. Same same :laughing:


So according to the community meetup this morning, the release of 3.4 should be coming soon :slight_smile: maajussi: Can’t say an exact date for the 3.4 release. Should be available shortly.


Soon or soon™?
Sorry, could not resist. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I can : late summer :smirk:


@rafaelvlmendes what is the definition of a service for you? and your representation on how many costs to finance a dev?
I guess if we all community user spend 10€/month, we may finance 2 or 3 devs with some dev-tool license an couple of test hardware…
I think the main entries of jolla comes to the finance of other administration like the BRICS, and we the (community) we are the users who guarantee that the functionalities work on the field or not…

That theme (about service) pronounced, give the eventuality that jolla may propose some service or extra tools to expand the eco-system of sfos…

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What is irritating about these updates (which I’m also waiting always eagerly) - is not the waiting time/delay/interval/what-ever - no Sir - it is the total radio silence from Jollas behalf what bugs atleast me the most.


Exactly my opinion! :heart:

That’s the different to some famous desktop os companies. A SFOS release will be rolled out when it is ready. Do you really want an unfinished SFOS release? Are you a programmer and have some experience with complex software?

Jolla make alltimes a good job in improving SFOS all the years. Thx and go on.


I have to disagree:

  • Did Jolla break the e-mail application with 3.3? - Yes (at least for me and many others).
  • Did we report it after the early access release? - Yes.
  • Has it been fixed for the final release? - No.
  • Since when can I not use a basic application like e-mail? - Almost 6 months.

Reference: https://together.jolla.com/question/224683/330-email-client-often-unresponsive/


That’s not the only problem that was introduced as a regression; I haven’t been able to sync my calendar since 3.2:


It’s like taking your car to a mechanic that fixes one problem and causes two others. Not cool that it has taken six months and still no fix.