When to expect a new update (autumn 2023)

Hey guys
I was quite while offline from SFOS.

Now, as autumn is turning into winter, i’m expecting a new SFOS version to be released… Whats the plan here?

Greetings from Germany

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen EWO — their last post was 6 months ago.

Since you appear to indeed have been living under a rock (figuratively):

Let’s first hope there is a company left to release anything at all.


Hey attah,

thanks for your quick reply.
I would be even happier to get this information in a more polite way :wink:

Anyway, lets hope there will be a future for SFOS.

Best, E.


I’m also wondering “when to expect a new update”… from the restructuring process. It’s almost the end of November.


We’re all anxiously hoping for a positive outcome from Jolla’s corporate restructuring, but in the meantime it’s worth pointing out that there’s still work going on that will hopefully feed in to a new Sailfish OS version. Things like the work @mal and others are doing on the Camera2 API, or that a bunch of us are doing with the browser. And no doubt more besides. @EWO, I’d recommend keeping an eye on @dcaliste’s fortnightly repository roundup for more clues on things that are happening.


Wasn’t there a rule that asking about the next update postpones any release of such update for a week/month?


I see it positive: No update limbo before christmas and current system works fine.

I wish @Jolla good luck!

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Yes, exactly. :wink:

Plus, the answer is the same at any time:
"When it is ready."

Hence asking is futile, any way.


Well, for me the question wasn’t futile at all: Now I know, that Jolla is struggling and the update is postponed.
Thanks so far.



You know, you don’t have to install pending updates…

Sure! But I’m hungry for SFOS updates :slight_smile:

as was often the reply in early days; “Soon™”

Any other have passed through Amiga OS4 development here?

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Any other have passed through Amiga OS4 development here?

“I was there, 3000 years ago”

Mostly on Amigaworld.net and Amigans.net


No but would have loved it,

Still it’s too damn expensive to buy an amiga x1000 or x5000

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… or Duke Nukem 3D or …

But no, I have not learnt to be patient while waiting for any of these, it was Jolla who taught me not to expect a release, but to let it simply occur some day (one may add “or not”, currently): This way every release is a positive surprise and never a waiting game.