Whatsapp stopped working, can't even (re) install for xperia x

Whatsapp notified about mandatory upgrade and end of line for Android 4.x later this year.

So I updated it directly form WA and it seemed to work. Only problem was that the web version could not be activated, it started to sync the messages but could never finish.

Another problem with the new version was unability to load images or other media. Fortunately the plain messages arrived just fine.

So the last resort was to remove WA from the phone and download latest version for android 4.x It installed fine but then it can’t “activate”, it asks for phone number but doesn’t go further from “connecting”.

Also it seems the backups never worked and my android storage doesn’t have any files related to whatsapp, so all the messages that I would have liked to keep are gone also.

So a crappy experience… is more recent Android version support coming to xperia X or is this the only reason I would need to buy a new phone after 5 years of service of the old one…

The only reason to buy a new phone, as the xperia x is 4.4 and it’s android runtime won’t be updated anymore…

Look at Xperia X vs. Whatsapp requiring Android 5.0 now

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Of course 10 minutes after writing the message suddenly the registration worked and I got the sms.
I had a local backup even and although it was close to the size of the free space on my phone it finally restored it. Happy days, I got WA back and almost all the messages too. Too bad the web version is still not able to link my phone, restoring messages just takes too long time.

So the next thing I tried was to open WA on my backup android phone (without sim), worked in seconds, got the SMS to my xperiax and activated the android phone, it restored my conversations (which were empty) and I could connect to web-version in seconds.

Too bad my sailfish WA is now in the same pre-installation stage as in the beginning and it doesn’t send the sms again. But maybe it does eventually…