WhatsApp on Xperia X (Compact) - no contacts after 4.0 update


A bit late for such report but because of unfortunate coincidence with unfamous WA privacy policy changes I wasn’t sure if it’s SfOS or WA fault.
I know WhatsApp is bad, but here’s the thing i have it installed both on Sony Xperia X Compact running official SOFS X port patched with g7s tool and JP1. Both phones use exactly the same version of WA, in both cases sharing contacts with Android Apps is checked.
Update SFOS to 4.0 made WA on Xperia being unable to access contacts . Same WA on JP1 san see all the contacts stored on the phone.
My guess is, there’s something wrong with SailJail, either just on my device sandboxing somehow broke Android Apps support.
Can anyone using Xperia X or X Compact check if WhatsApp shows contacts properly?

I have the same issue with I’m not sure it is something with recent version of WhatsApp and the Android layer

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Here i’ve got WhatssApp release both on JP1 SFOS and Xperia X Compact F5321 SFOS… On JP1 WA sees contacts just fine. On Xperia it got broken with 4.0 update.

did you try uninstalling WA and installing again
it usually asks for permission

It didn’t worked :confused:
I’ve uninstalled WA, restarted Android Compatibility Layer, installed WA again, set up my account, restored chat history from backup.
Still no contacts available.