Whatsapp help for a new user

Im new to sailfish, up and running from some hours.
I have alredy setted up quite all my need … unbelivable.
just whatsapp is missing
Please telkl me WA status on sailfish, I like to exchange backup with my other androd phone, so I need a solution to backup and restore to GDrive,
I have to set up microG? what else?

Check the Self-Check in microG settings (the settings are toggled on/off by tapping on the text, not on the tickbox).

Read this if you haven’t already:

If the GoogleDrive restore fails, use local.
The restore path in Sailfish is

Install File Browser from Jolla Store (and start reading about OpenRepos/Storeman and Chum tomorrow).

AuroraStore is a Google Play Store client. Get it from
The version in F-Droid is too old.

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LOL, both are at v4.1.1 for the stable release, see https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.aurora.store/ and https://auroraoss.com/

BTW, F-Droid provides one with a much better guarantee that their APKs do not contain malware than any other “alternative” App Store for APKs (i.e., all except for Google Play Store).

A clarification. If Drive works, it works in a 2 way? So it restore the backup from my other phone and then update the drive backup from sailfish data?
Or is just one way to “restore to” sailfish?

Yes, both ways. If the Google Drive connection fails, the problem is in microG, not your Google account in Sailfish settings.

a guide to setting up microg and drive for whatsapp?
I have found some different guide, confused…

The Google Drive settings for WhatsApp are in WhatsApp settings (Conversations → Backup) for Google Drive. You don’t need the Google Drive client for WhatsApp.

Ok so I dont need to install microG to let WA access in backup & restore drive folder?

You knew about microG in the first post. I assumed you had it running already.

In Jolla settings: enable installation from untrusted sources and enable both options in Android support.

There are at least two different instructions, the one from 2018 for XA2 still works, I installed microG on a 10 II last year. It’s just microG without modifying Jolla’s Android support.

  1. in D-Droid you can just add the repo
  • no need to go the web page and you don’t need the fingerprint anymore, just tap on the microG text to see the details, and if you search for microG, you can install almost all of the results (I have all except Local GSM, kDI, Deja Vu, Apple and Legacy)
  1. in microG settings, enable everything in Self-check
  2. use Aurora Store instead of Aptoide to install WhatsApp

The other one patches the Android image in /opt/alien. I have never tried it.

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Just install microG, you will need it for your bank and Lidl Plus.

WhatsApp might work without Google support (Sailfish has Android support, not Google support) but Google Drive backup and restore won’t work.

You can download WhatsApp from

Update on whatsapp (unfortunately I need it because lot of my contact are using only WA)
If I register my numbers with MicroG installed, my Xperia hang forever at “looking for backup”… (tryed with a MicroG registered with my G account and a “clean” one whit no account)
If I remove MicroG, WA register the number and works ok (but without any backup because no access to drive)
Any help? I really need backup from drive
maybe something wrong in MicroG setup?

Restore is failing, not backup.

Copy the backup from the Android phone to the Sailfish phone. Just read the instructions for local backup/restore.

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I followed my own instructions and the Google Drive restore took about two minutes to get WhatsApp running and a couple more to download the attachments.

I made a fresh backup on the XA2 (local restore from a Jolla Phone last summer) and restored to a fresh install on a 10 II. I just also made a fresh backup.

Last question. Is unclever to me if - after installing micro g - you have to sign in to microg with your Google account or not.

If Plan A doesn’t work, use Plan B: if you have any problems restoring from Google Drive, do a local restore, then configure WhatsApp’s backup settings. I pretty much told you to restore manually.

There seems to be a bug/feature in WhatsApp: Google Drive settings are available in the backup settings, not in restore - so restore can work only if you add your account in microG settings (which can trigger the “account already signed in” bug, so you would have to restore manually).

Read this again:

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Ok thanks all clear now

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For the sake of general information regarding Whatsapp; download Whatsapp from whatsapp.com/android ~ no need for a dodgy malware ridden whatsapp APK in this instance and does not require microG, just use with usual SailfishOS AlienDalvik support.