Whatsapp backup

Hi all,
I can’t find the whatsapp backup folder on my sailfish OS. I have a SD and it seems it isn’t anywhere. I have looked all over the SD and internal memory as well. Could someone please tell me the path to the backup folder in the case of SD or internal memory?
Thank you very much.

Have you looked this directory: /home/defaultuser/android_storage/WhatsApp/Backups?

There isn’t such folder. Dam, I don’t wanna loose all my history again in case something happens. I used to transfer a back up weekly to my computer on my older Xperia 10 II, now it’s gone. It still saves the backup, just can’t find it.

That folder shows up on my computer when I plug in the phone, but not on the file manager of the phone. Also the backup file shows as having only 1k, which is obviously wrong.

Try with Sailfish’s File manager. Open Settings->Storage->User Data-> Pull down and chose File Manager.

Which device you were using? Updating from old enough device (WhatsApp version) can cause challenges. It is also possible that backup file has changed between. I mean that you should not assume that source and destination paths are the same.

That worked. Sweet. Thank you very much. Funny that the app “File Manager” doesn’t show the same thing.

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I am using Xperia 10 II and the last version of Sailfish, with paid android support. The suggestion above of user pherjung solved it. Thank you very much