What's up with this camera?

Lest I come across as ungrateful, I am so stoked to have a daily driver linux phone. I am still a newbie, only driving with SFOS exclusively for a week now.

So, what’s up with the camera? I expected better from Sony.

I have noticed many times I have to push the shutter button repeatedly to get the app to snap a photo. I made sure the delay is set to zero, but I have missed several moving shots due to the fact it took many screen taps to get a photo.

The 2nd issue I had was the camera just quit working with my android apps. Searched the forum and found a thread naming advanced camera app as the issue, unistalled it and can now use my camera with Signal and FB Messenger android apps again.

However, my banking app scan to pay feature just crashes any time I click “scan to pay”. It has worked up until today and the only thing I changed was removing the advanced camera app.

I have only tried to use the volume rocker to snap shot a few times and it is sluggish, Iike it is trying to focus 1st.

Not sure how much of this is Sony and how much is SFOS and how much is over expectation on my part.

Any input is appreciated!

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The reason for the 'need multiple clicks to snap a picture ’ is that the autofocus is wonky (for reasons unknown to me).

A workaround is to set focus to manual and tap the display to focus. Then sapping pics gets snappier.


Forgive my newbieness, but I cannot find that setting. Can you steer me in the right direction?

Stock camera: swipe down. It’s not visible that there is a swipe down menu (no coloured edge on top), but it is there.

Advanced camera: The gear symbol in options.

Stock camera I found the swipe down menu, I just do not see a setting for autofocus.

Yes you are right, there is no setting for autofocus. In the last post I could only tell where the settings are.

Sony with android on it gives you the real sony experience.
not sure if you didnt like that already

what you experience now is sfos with sony hardware …

before android 10 i think, things were much worser due to some binary blobs lost. I guess camera drivers, so pics were bad.

they are.quite good nowadays actually