Whats the preference to work on SFOS whatsapp, telegram or signal?

Which is the best option ?



If you’re asking this as a poll.
And if you’re asking people’s opinions, for which of the three they’d like a push in development -

I’d have to say all 3, in this order:

  1. Signal (it already exists and is fairly usable)
  2. Whatsapp (not sure that’s ever going to happen)
  3. Telegram (already exists but I don’t use Telegram at all so I have no clue how good it is)

So if you want to help with development, please contribute to Whisperfish!

  1. Conversations / Kaidan
  2. Signal / Whisperfish
  3. Telegramm

I banned WA since it owned by Facebook…


Does Signal still use Google services? I had issues with battery drain when I tried it on SFOS. MicroG might fix it but I just want to avoid apps that rely on Google services.
Whatsapp just works and although it’s owned by Meta, it’s way better than Telegram by design (e.g. e2e encryption).
Btw it’s a pity that the matrix protocol (Element) is still not a viable option :frowning:

In terms of best native app support it’s probably Telegram.
There are multiple Telegram apps (Fernschreiber, Yottagram, etc.) and these seem to be currently way more advanced than e.g. Whisperfish (Signal). WA is only available as an Android app.

You can run official Signal app in AndroidAppSupport without Microg and it is fully functional, so apparently it doesn’t use Google Services. However, there is whisperfish, which is a native App and thus of course also doesn’t use Google Services - even better


To be clear I could use Signal without Google services, but it runs in a less efficient way and I had battery drain issues. Here is a technical explanation Battery drain since Version 4.50 · Issue #9194 · signalapp/Signal-Android · GitHub
I hope it has improved meanwhile

I have to admit, I’ve given up on every messenger but Fernschreiber for Telegram. That has about as much to do with the number of contacts on Telegram as with the software, but, Fernschreiber is pretty solid.


Only 1 (Signal) and 3 (Telegram). Some development from or within the Fediverse (see picture) would be nice as well.

The Sailtrix app is not that bad for basic stuff. BUt yes it would be nice if it was actively developed.

It’s terrible for any kind of encrypted chat option, but even their android app and web app are terrible for that (lots of ppl think by design, how hard is public key exchange? Oh nice emojis for confirmation, that’s cool, but even android apps fail such a basic thing pgp got right 20 years ago, reinventing the wheel to somehow make it harder, yeah matrix is a lost cause, hydrogen probably bit better than sailtrix tho). IRC and XMPP (sailkaidan) are probably best

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AFAI understand matrix is e2e encrypted. There were some issues with metadata but i read the situation improved. Thats all i know.

Then try to set up an encrypted channel with 2+ people, I spent hours with 5 ppl and the guy with android app is still unencryptable by the rest, they made the whole key exchange so convoluted it really reeks of 3letter devs coming in to ‘help’, it’s a mess, me with hydrogen/sailtrix was able to verify with webapp users but not the android guy??? They are either incompetent or by design, oh and their webapp stopped working on esr78 so garbage right now

Yes, it would be nice to get, for instance, tooter, to be more of an ActivityPub and less of a ‘Mastodon’ client. The problem is that none on the parties (peertube, pixelfed, lemmy, pleroma, masto, diaspora, etc) can seem to agree on common apis. For an application author or maintainer, it’s not plausible. although, I have been thinking of just augmenting tidings in a basic way. IE just sub the feeds in RSS format and add a basic POST functionality :slight_smile:


Was asking as an opinion. I can no longer use whatsapp because it keeps saying that i need an official version whicj i have but still cant get it to register. So i’m debating between signal and telegram. So i wanted to know which was the best option.

In practice you need both because some of your contacts will use one, others the other.

And likely the majority will have WA only.

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I am using Element App (Android) with a matrix server that has bridges to other chats like webapps.
Tchncs.de is one of tham. I am using WhatApp, Telegram and Signal with these bridges.
Works fine, but I would like to get rid of those Android apps. Sailtrix would be an option, but i like to send speech notes. But: the bridges do not bridge every mediatype.

If they’re using Android / iOS I don’t see why a polite “My phone can’t run WA, could you please install Telegram? Thank you!” should not sort that out. It’s not like it’s impossible to run both on an Android/iOS phone.

Is there any native app which supports video calls? My 75y old relative has an iPhone and at the moment I call her with signal with AppSupport, but of course I would prefer a native solution. Furthermore, there is no option to set up a complicated thing on the iPhone as I would have to give her support via telephone :wink: of course it doesn’t have to be signal necessarily, any other option which runs on iPhone and SFOS would be OK, too.