Whats app + aptoid = NSWhatsApp

today it’s (again !) a new mandatory WhatsApp version. Then, I update WhatsApp. OK
I try to access media to send a picture, whatsapp crash.
I uninstall Whatsapp, and reinstall from Aptoid. Aptoid install “NSWhatsapp” instead. Why ???
I lost all my discussion/history. Can I recover my messages ?
Thank for help

It is not safe to use Aptoid since it contains a lot of malicious apps, instead I recommend you to use the Aurora store that downloads the official packages from the play store.
If the whatsapp folder has not been purged then you will find your data in the directory ~/android_storage/Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp. Backup your data (at least the Databases folder), install WhatsApp from the Aurora store or download it from their official website and it should find your data and give you the choice to restore it.


Whatsapp should only be updated via Whatsapp’s legit download page. If you get the APK from anywhere else, you are asking for problems, but nobody tells us this, we have to discover by rude awakening.

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Aptoid come from update of android store, from Sailfish… I 'm totally lost with all these “android store”.
Whatsapp find msgstore.db, but fails to restore.

And with fresh install, always the samed bug : cannot insert a picture.
I cannot find an another method or a linux PC app like “Ultdata” or imyfone

After a lot of search and test : I found.
Use WhatsApp Help Center - How to restore your chat history from local store.
Before you open WhatsApp and validate it : open Android property and authorise all.
I made a “chmod a+rwX android_storage/com.whatsapp/” And restore not fail.
Thank to you and to XDA forum, who give me authorisation idea.
And you can found a whatsapp log in /home/.android/…