What went wrong? Why am I not able to flash to the Sailfish OS?

I want to use sailfish os system, so I bought a second hand xperia 10 iii. After purchasing it I unlocked the bootloader with qunlock (which I found out after looking it up), I try to flash it with windows, after I follow the guide and opened “flash-on-windows.bat” this message appeared: “Searching for a compatible device… /The DEVICE this flashing script is meant for WAS NOT FOUND! / This script found following device: product: SOG04”
Any solutions? Or is all my previous efforts are pointless and I could only throw the phone away and buy a new one?

The SOG04 is the Japanese(?) variant of the X10iii.

AFAIK only the XQ-xx models are supported, but I’m not sure.


I dare say there’s a way to manually flash it. Whether it will work is another question.