What should I do 1st after installing Sailfish?

Total newbie question, I know. Anytime I install a new Linux distro on a computer I always find a “do this after installing” article with tips, suggestions, and settings to change.

I assume you guys have the same suggestions for Sailfish. My phone shipped today so I should have it in a few days and be ready to get started.

Looking forward to your suggestions.


I do always in this order:

  • Login to my Jolla-Account
  • Go to System-Settings and do a “Search for Update”
  • Add CardDAV-Account to Sync my Contacts in People-App
  • Add CalDAV-Account to Sync my Calender
  • Add IMAP/SMTP-Account for my E-Mails
  • Add WebDAV-Mount to Access my NAS and for Photo-Backup/…etc
  • Install Chum- and Storeman-“Appstore”
  • Install my needed Apps (mostly natives one like Fernschreiber, File Browser…etc)
  • Copy back some saved Configurations
  • Create Softlinks

App stores

Install fdroid (android) and chum gui (sfos). As app stores. Then use chum to install openrepos for further sfos apps and aurora store from fdroid for playstore android apps.


Like already said, install the common App-Stores (F-Droid, Aurora Store, CHUM and Storeman).
What I can also recommend is to install “Sailfish Utilities” from the Jolla Store.

Everything else depends on your preferences. If you need messaging applications, there are native ones for Signal (“Whisperfish”), Telegram (“Fernschreiber”) and Matrix (“Hydrogen” or “Sailtrix”). If you are looking for maps-applications, you can use PureMaps, OSM Scout, maep.

And of course there are plenty of other applications the community made.


Welcome @Glockdoc ,

I recommend to install File Browser version 2.5.1-1 from OpenRepos because the older version available in Jolla Store doesn’t show all directories and files.


Something to do at systemic level was described here in relation to whatsapp but I can’t find it right now. Only the main user has access to alien dalvik at the moment. So use that exclusively for android use. Set up another user for your day to day use. That way android apps can’t access your “real” contacts etc. I’ve never tried this. I’m not sure if there are practical drawbacks.

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One of my most important “1st after flash” is to install Steven Blacks hosts file. That’s for a pleasant web browsing.

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As @Seven.of.nine already said: Welcome!

One of my favourite steps is setting up the ambience. You can even start on this before your phone arrives, by choosing the image you want to use.

Any image will work, but for best results I’d recommend a square image. For example the built-in ambiences are 2048 ⨉ 2048 pixels, but only the middle section will be shown. Here’s a simple guide:


Some really useful replies there!

I’ve had a Jolla since the J1 days but feel that I’m lagging in terms of benefits, can someone kindly expand on the above info with links please?

Have never even heard of CHUM!



Sweet! That’s perfect!

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As said above on @olf 's list, chum can be installed from here:

I’ve just been installing the APK version of Signal and it works fine. Also installed APK versions on ProtonMail and DDG, no issues.

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One of the first things I do is going to Settings, tapping on ‘apps’. Then I tap on the browser app. I choose ‘Bing’. Then I leave Settings and go to the Sailfish browser. I search for Openrepos.
In Openrepos I download ‘Search engines for Sailfish’. Now I can go back to Settings- apps- browser app. Then I choose the search engine I want. I do that because I want to use Qwant of Duckduckgo instead of Google.

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I agree. This should be default.

How??? That’s something I’d really like to know, especially cause Jolla once announced a WebDAV feature for Sailfish OS that never came…

The old File Browser version is still in the Jolla Store for compatibility reasons. It’s the latest version that works at some older phones while the current version of FB doesn’t.

So the outdated version of File Browser in Jolla Store is for long time support of this old phones. Thank you Jolla!

Follow the Rabbit:

[Guide] Mount Nextcloud (WebDAV) folders locally with davfs - General - Sailfish OS Forum

Isn’t this unnecessary? You can just navigate to your favourtite search engine and then go into the browser settings and install the search engine from there