What new phone?

I have an Xperia XA2 with 4.53 0.25. It’s already pretty slow. New Xperia X III , IV or V? Or another?

C2 or either of those (they are really pretty similar) is really your big choice. Take what you like. What more info were you expecting with an unqualified question?

Depends, if you want a phone right now III, if you are willing to wait 2-3 months probably IV/V (see how the hw support is once it releases), money is also a consideration, XIII is a flat fee of 50€ 25 (see What new phone? - #13 by ckonte), IV/V will come with a sub, so you can get whole shebang for a fiver, but update support only for 30 days (supposedly yearly and forever options are coming, but no details yet), seeing how often jolla pushes updates the 5€ per month seems like the cheapest option anyway (you’d spend 15 by now if only updating major releases on XIII)

So my ancient license will no longer work from Xperia X?

I’d prefer something smaller.

Legacy devices stay on the perpetual license, no change there

Licenses never transferred between license groups - and still don’t.
4.6 is the last update for the X.
But i thought you said you had an XA2 - presumably got a license for that too.

Have you actually tried? If anything the X and XA2 are a bit less palm-friendly due to being wider/thicker.
Height-wise the X/10 difference is not much more than 1 cm. So, apart from reaching the very top of the screen i can’t see a difference - and with SFOS you generally don’t need to reach badly placed buttons anyway.

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I meant smaller than a C2.

So unless the prices look too unappealing, then the 10-series is for you.

With the C2, besides the excessive size, I don’t care for the 4000mAh battery capacity.

It depends entirely on power consumption. That figure sits solidly between the 10 II and III. 4000 used to be considered humongous.

Okay. I guess I’ll wait for the Xperia 10 V.Or I’ll go for the 10III , it’ll be a step up from the XA2 :slight_smile:

Actually I understood that the fee for the 10 III now is 25€ instead of 50. Which makes it the safest bet imho

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oh right, don’t know if the new pricing is in effect or will come into place after IV/V comes in, but you’re well damn right

  • Xperia 10 III if you want the best available device right now (and don’t mind a few patches and workarounds). Also, 5G!
  • Xperia 10 II if you get one for a good deal, and don’t mind a bit slower device (w.r.t. X10III)
  • Jolla C2 if you want the best-working, least-buggy device, and don’t mind missing 5G and not-the-best screen. And you pre-order it before it runs out. And you don’t mind waiting for a few months.
  • Xperia 10 V/IV if you want the bestest and fastestest device, don’t mind waiting for a few months, and don’t mind risking it a bit. They don’t have SFOS available yet, since there are unresolved upstream issues (the last time I heard). My bet is that they will be grand!