What is your experience on Jolla's support?

Hi SFOS fanatics,

I recently purchased myself a license for Sailfish X, like the OS quite a bit so far, but cannot use any of my purchased features - I made a mistake during my purchase and opted for the wrong phone (minor mistake).

I have reached out about a week ago to Jolla, got one single response - telling me that they would help me revert the error quickly - and then nothing. Neither an update, nor has anything changed. I am mailing them on a daily basis requesting an update - but no response.

What is your experience on Jolla’s support - is this normal, is there something else going on? Should I opt for a larger license bundle for company usage in the future: Am I expected to receive similar levels of customer support (or the lack there of)?

What is your experience guys & gals?


HI @Humage. First of all, apologies for the delay in getting back to you via the support channels. We have been working to get your particular issue resolved, but unfortunately due the vacation period there was more delays than usually. We should be able to resolve this case in the next couple of days. We do usually try to address issues quickly, ideally within just a few days, but occasionally things do unavoidably take longer.


I have very good experiences but some patience came handy sometimes.


We all deserve our holidays - don’t worry. Sometimes a small update is all it takes to keep me at bay, so thank you for this.

I will keep an eye on the ticket.