What is the influence of TrustPid on a Sailfish phone?

Vodaphone started implementing this supercookie and now T-Mobile and Orange are using it too. This is worrying. What can it do on a Sailfish phone?

Since this “supercookie” is implemented on a service provider level, there is literally nothing Jolla can do to prohibit this kind of tracking on a Sailfish device. You should be able to “opt-out” of TrustPid, though (or refuse to “opt-in”; the article that you linked is a bit low on details), although to me it seems that your choice must somehow still be linked to your phone number / customer id.

IMHO, a better approach would be to support one of the organizations that will take up the legal fight against this type of scams. That’s what I did.


Thank you for your reply . Yes, privacy organisations should protest more.