What is the End-of-Life period for Sailfish X?

After Jolla abruptly stopped the release of OS updates for Jolla 1 phone owners, I’d like to know for how long will Sailfish X updates be available? Is it device specific? Or is it based from the date you purchase the license?

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While it was perhaps abruptly, 7 years is really quite impressive.
It is device specific; imagine the outrage if some people would be arbitrarily limited form updates.

In all seriousness; as per https://shop.jolla.com/ you get “Software updates as long as device is supported”.


7 years is really quite impressive.

Nokia used to do so too, and thus everyone expected the same from Jolla too - so that aspect doesn’t impress me (but I am grateful that Jolla followed Nokia ethos and supported the device for so long).

“Software updates as long as device is supported”.

That’s what I would like to know clearly - if I buy an older Sony model, does that mean support may end sooner?

Yes, obviously.
Would be nice with timeframes - but there are so many moving parts, they’d just risk promising things that can’t be kept, or that will hold other things back. Just buy one of the latest phones, and expect it to be supported way longer than the Android it came with - is that so bad?


I can do without all that uncertainity. There are a lot of moving parts to buying the latest model too - the older model may be cheaper, have better design and the right screen size than the newer model.

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Here are some dates:

Name Date
Jolla 1 Novembe, 2013
Jolla C May 2016
Xperia X October 2017
Xperia XA2 October 2018
Xperia 10 November 2019
Xperia 10 II May 2021

I do not know if you can add 7 years to these dates, but, it is certain that a new phone/device is not coming anytime soon.

So now is the time to buy some spare units while they’re available.
Should actually have done that half a year ago - even the Xperia X are among phones that have had a substantial price increase the last 6 months.

@Sifar, the only thing i can advise you is to buy a phone with a recent kernel, Xperia X is a nice phone, but we are stuck with Android 4.4, and there is no update in sight. Maybe buy the device supporting the latest Android version. I know we chose SFOS to get away from Android, but with some important Apps missing, we will still need the Androidsupport aside :wink:

there’s no sense in buying anything except X10mk2 if you care about longevity
all new shiny things will come to aarch64 kernel