What is the backup supposed to do? Usecase - transfer profile to 2nd handset

I have an XA2 Plus as a daily driver, upgraded since about v3.0.4.

I also have an old X that i flashed to SFOS around version 4.1.

When I put 4.1 on the X i tried to use the backup facility on my XA2 (backup) to migrate my profile onto the X (restore).

At no point (4.1, 4.2, and now 4.3), has the process ever really achieved anything that I wanted:
I do appear to have migrated some accounts (though they need resupplying with credentials).
I do not have any notes (though this is fine, as the import process on the X did at least say that this had failed).
I do not have any call/message history (though this is understandable as the SIm associated with this activity is not present).
I do not have my Contacts!!! This is a big one (seems to be the very core of what I might want to backup and restore…?).

What exactly should I be expecting from the backup/restore process?


IMO nothing, it never (literally: from 2014 to now) seemed to work reliably.
You will find many complaints at TJC and FSO.

But sometimes it will successfully restore something.

=> Perform your own backups per tar to migrate your data and use the extant guidance by the community at TJC and FSO to properly restore it.


Oh, it may work reliably.
On the same device model with exactly the same firmware version.

Everything else is more or less [censored].

So you may flash/update your devices to same version and try again (but no promise).
Or follow olf’s advice and try to extract info from the backuo tar and restore manually.
Easy peasy, heh?