What are the effects of the DMA on SFOS?

For instance will the venerable Mitakulu be able to rise from the ashes?

Any other potentially positive impacts of this legislation that you see?


What was “Mitakulu”?
mitä kuuluu - Wiktionary, the free dictionary

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It was a 3rd party application for WhatsApp (“What’s up?” is “Mitä kuuluu?” in Finnish).


Oh, I was afraid that that was the answer.

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Has something changed in WhatsApp 3rd party client licensing? I believe whatsapp was banning numbers that were using 3rd party clients, that was one of the reasons that Mitakulu died.


yes there is an EU legislation that requires changes from IM platforms, would it be easier for telegram to be able to read WA messages instead?


WhatsUp uses Signal protocol, and IIRC they recently announced plans for interoperability with the Signal app.

Do you have a source for that interoperability claim?

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Whatsapp was as far as I recall another implementation of xmpp when it began and switched to signal to do EEE, then they blocked all non-whatsapp clients and may or may not have diverged from whatever base protocol they were using.

Either way the EU DMA is rocking the boat:

There is a REST API for Whatsapp.